DynaPro 2,000 lbs Stability Ball Review

DynaPro 2,000 lbs Stability Ball Review

DynaPro 2,000 Lb Stability Ball

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DynaPro 2,000 Lb Stability Ball

Ease of Use

10.0 /10

Number of Exercises

10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Non Bursting
  • Includes Air Pump
  • Multiple Uses

We have reviewed the DynaPro 2,000 LB Stability Ball

Find Out Why Not All Stability Balls Are Created Equal 

Looking for a review on the DynaPro 2000 lb Stability Ball?

Are you looking to get into shape in 2018?

Well, you just so happen to be searching for one of the top stability balls on the market when it comes to quality. This Stability Ball kit has everything that you need to help you get started in a big way. It includes resistance bands, a balance ball and an air pump to help it stay inflated. Everything about this stability ball is made of strong and durable material so that you can use it for a long time without worries. 

One may think that all stability balls are created equal, well we are here to tell you that just simply isn’t the case. The 2,000 lb stability ball kit from DynaPro features a plethora of other professional qualities other that the Pro in the name.

Some of the DynaPro Stability Ball Features:

  • QUICKLY INFLATES WITH THE INCLUDED AIR PUMP TO KICK START YOUR HOME FITNESS WORKOUTL. Fast Track your health optimization. Each stability ball shipped contains the following:
  • exercise ball
  • hand air pump

Within just minutes you can use the stability ball in many kinds of home fitness training such as pilates or even yoga. Have bad posture? Use the stability ball as a desk chair to help correct your bad posture while it supports your back while you are working throughout the day.

  • Features a heavy duty anti-bursting rating that can match any matched heavyweight: The DynaPro Stability Ball is manufactured of only gym quality standards. If you use this stability ball correctly it can carry the stress of heavy loads of up to 2,000+ pounds without popping. Excess loads over 2,000 lbs will cause the ball to deflate slowly instead of fastly bursting. This is to prevent any injuries from the DynaPro stability ball. Similar stability balls will quickly burst causing anything on it to quickly fall to the ground and potentially become injured. Just one more reason DynaPro’s 2,000 lb stability ball is not to be compared to other stability balls on the market.
  • OPTIMUM PUNCTURE RESISTANCE FROM A THICK PVC CASING: DYNAPRO Stability Ball is packed with a non toxic pvc material, and has a thickness of 1,877 micrometers and delivers a greater degree of resistance to sharp items on the floor or shoes or other clothing that may come in contact with the stability ball.
  • STAYS PUT WHEN AGAINST THE SKIN WITH NON SLIP RIBBED BODY: The body made of pvc has a matte surface with contoured ribs all around it. This makes it easy to hold and not slip even while tossing, squeezing, or bouncing the stability ball. EVEN WHILE SWEATING HEAVILY!
  • 45CM
  • 55CM
  • 65CM
  • 75CM


Simply use the chart below to determine the proper sized DYNAPRO STABILITY BALL for you.

DynaPro Stability Ball Size Chart.


  • Strengthen Core Muscles as a Pilate Ball
  • Lengthen Spine as Yoga Ball
  • Improve Balance as Stability Ball
  • Regain Muscle Tone as Physiotherapy Ball
  • Teach Children Coordination Skills as Play Ball 
  • Pregnant Women as a Birthing Ball
  • Static Strength Training as a Fitness Ball
  • Posture Support as Desk Chair

This video will show you an example of some exercises you may do using your DynaPro 2,000 Lb stability Ball.

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