Bowflex Diet: How To Lose Weight With Bowflex

Bowflex Diet: How To Lose Weight With Bowflex

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I am Josh Macklin, Bowflex Fitness adviser.

I pretty much think that if you make something in the kitchen, that’s cooking, but actually it will be a protein shake, but we’re gonna start doing that more and more here on the Bowflex breakfast club, give you tips for everything, giving you nutrition tips, giving you Workout tips giving you product tips, giving you everything, because we know that it’s not just about exercise. It’S not just about equipment. So, yes, today, our topic is your top seven nutrition tips. So my top seven nutrition tips they’re going to be basic, but they’re going to be effective and as always or not, as always as of last week, we are constantly refining and improving the show. We have Quinn who will be reading and asking and answering and commenting on your questions along with me, so ask your questions. It can be about anything. Last week someone said started to get off topic. You cannot get off topic.


Yes, I will give you a topic. Each and every week, but that’s just to get the conversation started so this hour is about you this hours about your questions, your feedback, your comments, let us know and as I say every week, if Quinn and I can’t get to your comment today – write wise, we Will get to it after the show, so thank you for joining us again. I am and, Bowflex, Fitness adviser. This is the weekly Bowflex breakfast club. That is a mouthful of hard to say. I was a little frightened to bring you into my kitchen. Yes, this is as clean as it always is. I have a bit of a clean streak in me, Windex is one of my favorite smells aphrodisiac. For me, a little disturbing I know, but so yes, I’m going to give you my simple protein, shake that I not only make for myself my wife drinks if my kids drink it as we’ll talk about on the show here, real food is always the way to Go first and foremost, real food is the way you go, but every now and again we are going to have to supplement that. So I see things rolling by, I don’t have to swing to put on my glasses, because I have Quinn helping me out anything starting us off also welcome to everyone. We’Ve got Mary UK we’ve got Debra, yes, be very afraid and Congrats on getting that workout in how great is that? How simple is that I’m getting ready to incorporate even more variation into my routine? Actually, I have a huge reverent revelation, not confession just news. I quit my gym. I actually after many many years said, you know what I need to mix it up. It was expensive and I got everything I need here. So I’m walking the walk with you guys. I’Ve got the home gym, it’s not enormous, but it doesn’t have to be. I’Ve got my body weight exercises. I’Ve got my max. I’Ve got the treadclimber the treadmill, so I quit the gym and you know what it was really scary and it was really freeing. So we’ll talk a lot more about that, so I’m gon na change, my body with you guys at home, my gym. You know I used to not have to pay for a gym right cuz, I would teach classes. I was a trainer, then, when I stopped training and stopped teaching classes, I suddenly had to pay for a gym which was really interesting for me, because I’d never had to do it, and then you realize how expensive you’ve got the low end. Gyms you’ve got the higher end gyms, I’m out I’m working at home with you guys. So, yes, I think it was Mary who you hit. So I have seven tips. You hit number five. We will go through them in order, but number five for me is drink. Water, drink watch and lots of water. I have a difficult time doing that, because every time I start to do that, I realised my bladder is that of like a three year old. So you know, but that’s okay, so we drink water. Our body are comprised of huge percentage of water, it has a whole host of functions in our body. So yes, and one tip outside the seven tips, is not only drink water but start your day with a glass of water and then before each meal, each snack drink a glass of water. It will not only hydrate you, but will help, fill you up a little bit and will keep you from overeating. These little tips, I always say the little tips are, are the ones that make the big changes and it’s true we talked about. There is no just, there is no only when it comes to exercise right. Same thing holds true with these tips, the tips and the tricks that we talk about every week. Here are the keys to your success. It’S just a matter of implementing them over time. So yes, drink water is number five. Let me go to number one and then we’ll go back to your comments and questions. My first and foremost tip trick. Rule of nutrition is eat. Real food eat real food. If man makes it try to avoid it. If it comes with a label, try to avoid it if it comes in a bag, try to avoid it now. There are healthier options now that are that are pre-made, but you know, if you look behind me, I always have for my kids. This is always full. It is always full of fruit, bananas and it was full and it goes away – or you know, empties almost daily, because my kids and we always have extra kids in the house and I’m always cutting up fruit, putting it out so eat real food Whole Foods, foods That have not been processed, that is for me, the number one rule of nutrition is eat, healthy Whole Foods. What else we have going on here? Quinn, I see things flying by [ Music ] such a great point, and there are so many flavored waters as Candice is kind of alluding to the problem is well and that’s a great way to do it. So Candice has the healthy tip right so she’s doing it herself she’s saving money, she’s controlling the ingredients that are in it and she’s, adding a little flavor to it. And that’s one thing we’ll talk about today is, as always, with exercise with motivation. We’Re going to give you a whole host of options. You’Re gon na find what works for you is it lemon is a cucumber. Is it plain water? I have a tough time, tougher time, drinking plain water. I like to flavor it too, but that’s such a great, simple tip on how to make it a little more palatable for you. If you don’t like it, you’re not gon na do it. You know whether it comes to exercise or eating. So you have to find those little things and that’s what today’s show is about is giving you all of these options for these healthy ways of eating, then you’re gon na find what works for you and, let me say just like exercise what works for you with Exercise will change over time. What works for you with nutrition will change over time. I already have next week’s topic next week. I’M going to give you the three healthy breakfast options that I rotate so you’re gon na change. It you’re gon na have different things over time that work for you and that’s okay, but people tend to get down on themselves and think, oh, my gosh and I used to do the treadclimber every day and I can’t get to it anymore. Well, it’s time to mix it up, so that’s a great way to look at not only your exercise, but your nutrition number two rule number two tip of nutrition is eat. Breakfast eat breakfast. I know many of you are not hungry, I’m not always hungry, but you have to look at it in a bunch of different ways. First and foremost, that’s your fuel for the day right. So if you get up and you have nothing and then you spend 3-4 hours at work of course, you’re gon na make poor choices. You’Re starving you’re ravenous, your blood Sugar’s gon na drop, it’s so much easier to run to the candy machine and grab a quick fix. So if you look behind me or is it here we go, I feel like a weatherman at the opium. I have out in the open, ready to go that will be next week. One of my go-to breakfasts simple, easy to do: quick, a great great source of carbohydrate, a slow, releasing carbohydrate, and I had a bunch of things into it to make it that much healthier and that much more palatable, just like Candice with the water. So number two rule first eat real food second eat breakfast now I know I’ve had many clients over the years say calm. Well, I’m not hungry, and my answer is: if we’re trying to lose weight and to be healthy they’re, obviously they obviously were eating later in the day and not healthy choices. So it’s not that hard to. I don’t even want to say force yourself, but to eat breakfast. We need to do it, we make our kids do it. You wouldn’t send your kids off to school without eating breakfast. Hopefully, and you shouldn’t do so yourself, your brain works. Better. All of those things are true when you eat breakfast, so number two rule eat breakfast, any other tips coming through Quinn or things. People are doing. Yes, all right. Welcome to everyone. Again, we got people in Canada. We got people in the UK, we’ve got Deborah East Coast West Coast. Oh please, please, please, you guys did a great job of sharing this. So if you can share this, that would be great and you know what excuse me for one second, while I share this as well, so let’s all take a moment and just share away, and that way we will get a bigger and bigger group. There is power in numbers, I say each and every week, so let me see here if I can pull it up apologize here. We go. I’M gon na share this too. So please share I’m gon na share on there. We go share, sorry guys, one second, all right! Here we go all right post there we go share away the bigger the better, the more people. We have, the more feedback. The more comments, the more helpful this will be to you. So again, today’s all about nutrition. I started a second master’s years ago in nutrition because I said you know what I got the exercise. I’Ve got the sport psychology. I have to learn the nutrition. I stopped after about three or four classes, because I realized it was a lot of stuff and listen. I would if I had all the time in the world, I would stick with it, but biology chemistry. What I’ve realized over the years is – and I have the sports nutrition certification is. The answers are simple. It’S the application, that’s difficult! If you have a you know a food allergy or things like that, then that makes it more complicated, but the basic eating healthy, being healthy through nutrition is not complicated. It really really isn’t. Unfortunately, what happens is we just turn this to now? I’M seeing myself, I don’t want to see myself that way. Ah the articles to sell diet books, they make it complicated. It’S your blood type, it’s this! It’S that don’t eat now. No, it’s not that difficult! It’S hard to say to you, because I know you say well, I’m struggling. I get that, but one major reason you’re struggling is bad information. The 7 tips. I will give you today. I promise you. If you implement them over time, you will absolutely be the healthiest. You can be it’s the simple changes over time: it’s not deprivation, it’s not cutting out entire macronutrients. It is systematic, consistent small changes over time. Number three rule now this is the current research. This is what works for me and what has worked for my clients and it kind of makes sense: you’re not only going to eat breakfast everybody but you’re going to eat every three hours or so, if you can okay, five to six medium sized meals a day, Rather than letting the wheels fall off waiting long stretches of time and it becomes fun – and almost I love when I I put people on this for the first time and they say wow, I couldn’t believe I got to eat again – yeah we need to eat. We need to have a healthy relationship with food and we don’t we just don’t. You know someone once said it was so smart at a nutrition. I went to American sit down at a table and the first thing they think, is what can’t I eat. What do I have to stay away from in other countries? Generally speaking, it’s changing to European countries, especially they enjoy their food, they sit down, they eat whole foods, rich foods, they eat everything, they eat it in moderation and they tend to eat whole on unprocessed foods. So that’s what we have to do. Number one eat real food number two eat breakfast number three try to eat every three hours or so that’s gon na keep you fueled up. It’S gon na keep you from getting ravenous, and that is just one simple way to keep again from overeating later in the day, because that’s what generally all of us do, I’m still learning it’s a constant experimentation of trying to balance the energy expenditure with the energy Intake and – and there is no perfect anything neuquén any comments – suggestions come on people. Nutrition should be the one you guys are all doing. Maybe it’s just giving you such great information, but please give us your tips tricks. Let us know, let me know, let us all know your questions, your comments, that is super helpful, I’m going to give you what I’ve studied, what has worked for me and my clients, but I want to hear from you because each and every comment you guys make Helps someone else out. I promise you [ Music ] good morning good morning, sir Amy says: keep a Mayo jar in his car. Joyce said that her problem was not eating enough for regularly and Mary wants to know if they’re doing boiled egg today we’re doing a protein shake. I know – and this is by the way Debra I have this front and center for you. That is the egg cooker. If this will be my egg segment, you know maybe that’s week three, but by the way great comments welcome to everyone, Carlos I get it and that’s. Everyone has different things throughout their day and we have to figure out what works for us. I work in an office building where you know I’m running to the to the restroom, every 20 minutes or so same type of issue. So you know we have to be. You have to kind of make it work for you. So you know I used to go on long trips driving trips and I realized I can’t bring a bottle of water in the car. It becomes an issue, so I get and we have to all work within these rules as they apply to our lives. Luva Deborah essential oils, I think she said and and different things I mean these are things that you know I haven’t even tried yet and I love hearing everyone’s tips and I hope everyone does too, because these are things we can all try and go. Oh my gosh, because we get bored with things so the more we learn about what works for other people and what works scientifically. Then we have options because we need a lot of options. It changes over time. So yes, we’re going to do a quick super healthy super easy protein shake at the end. Again, I always say real food is the best option, but we can’t always eat real foods and so we’re gon na fill in the gaps with supplements and different things like that. But we’re going to do it as healthy as possible as well cleanses that a lot of people – oh my god, we have such a smart group Quinn, yes, so juice cleanses. They have them at my gyms and they’re expensive, a little juice bar. You could do one day three days a week two weeks, I have changed my thought process on this. I used to say no, no, no, no, you know deprivation bad and I changed and and what I realized is exactly what she said. If you do a one-day, I’m okay with a one-day, maybe two but that’s pushing it for me – if you want to truly jumpstart and you’re gon na, go from that cleanse to healthy eating, implementing everything we’re talking about today, then I’m okay with it. But when you start to go longer, ah, you know, and these people talk about getting toxins out of your body and things like that, the science there is really iffy and truly, if we’re being healthy all the time, your body is really good at getting rid of Your toxins, that’s what your kidneys and your liver and all those internal organs are for, but the short of it is again if you’re doing it for one day, I’m okay with it. The problem is when – and we’ve talked about this when you deprive your body of protein and carbohydrates, you start to eat into your muscle. So if you got ta go on a really long juice cleanse, it applies to just about any diet. We’Ve talked about this. You are eating into your muscle stores. You are lowering your metabolism, so you go from a juice cleanse. That was an extended period of time. You have lowered your metabolism, you have eaten into the one thing that burns calories 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So juice cleanse I’m okay with it for one day jump-start, but you darn well better, go from that juice cleanse to eating healthy and then try to stick with that. If we’re eating healthy all the time or that shouldn’t say all the time, the majority of the time you don’t need those cleanses, but listen I every now and again, I’m like you know what I kind of want to feel different kind of empty. The system out I’ll do I I’m doing a full deck I’ll do 12 hours, but yes, short-term, I’m! Okay with that, did we go to number four, no, so number four eat carbs and protein together. Whenever you can so, if you’re doing the five to six medium sized meals a day, I want you to try to eat carbs and protein at each meal. I want you to say every time you sit down to eat. What is my healthy carbohydrate? Have my kids doing this now and what is my healthy protein? Okay, when you do that together, you’re, more satiated you’re getting in your protein because far too many people, I would argue, don’t get in enough protein, don’t care what the research says! You look around they’re! Just not so each and every meal breakfast we’ll talk about it. When I make my protein shake we’ll talk about it, what’s the healthy car, what’s the healthy protein, I see comments flying by Quinn. That’S a great point. Yeah and you know what we say. You know the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’S so simple, but you know there’s something to that. Obviously, fruit has so many nutrients in it almost any kind of fruit and vegetable. You know I would just search for that. Is it a banana? Is it you know it’s tough to replicate exactly what’s in that Apple, obviously, but fruits and vegetables? We talk about this constantly right Whole Foods. If you can supplement that substitute that with any other fruit or you know, you can get super healthy with the vegetables as well, that’s it but also think of pairing that Apple! Listen. I don’t want to eat an apple by and large by itself, so it back to what I was just talking about. I take peanut butter or almond butter, I’m more a peanut butter guy. I tried almond butter. It’S too messy all that water on top and everything. So little bit of peanut butter – and this is what I do for my kids – I’ve talked this before I take a banana. I cut it up. I put a little peanut butter on top when they come home from school. That is sitting right here right and they just walk behind and grab it. So the same thing with us as adults. Yes, I mean, and that’s so great an apple a day, you’re doing such good things for your body back to the simple kind of changes so think of pairing it with a protein. You can even have some cheese with it. You don’t want too much, but there’s a little protein there, so either pair it with a protein and or just think of substituting another fruit, vegetable. Anything like that, but but it’s tough, that’s that it’s such a great whole food. Just try try to prepare it. Maybe a little differently love it. Thank you for that, and is it during the workout or before okay. So what he’s saying is, I think, in the middle of the workout is bump for energy, not necessarily eating during you want the slow, releasing carbohydrates, so I’m guessing. I think it was Ray that you’re doing long workouts generally, if it’s a workout of an hour or less and you eat, you know 300-400 calories prior, that’s gon na be really good to fuel. Your workouts such a great question, though Ray because I’m someone who doesn’t need very much before a workout if it’s not super long, but nutrition sports nutrition, especially, is so individualized right. It’S what works for you. That being said, carbohydrates are our body’s preferred energy source during exercise, so one of my favorite goes to is the is the oatmeal. If I’m working out early in the morning, hard workout oatmeal is slow, releasing you may need a faster. Releasing though this is where it gets a little tricky right, fruit has a higher GI index, which means it’s going to be absorbed in your bloodstream. For the kind of extreme example of that are the gels that endurance athletes will take that super-high. You know acting carbohydrates, so back to apples. Things like that fruit is a great pre-workout, healthy pre-workout. A lot of people will take whole wheat, bread again pair that with protein, some peanut butter almond butter, even some eggs, but you need to experiment rate and find what works for you, but generally think you know I’m just giving you a ballpark a couple hundred calories With the majority of those from carbohydrate and maybe a little bit from protein, and that generally will work for a lot of people again, there’s this new thing about high-fat diets for exercise. I’M not there yet so just know that that’s out there great questions you guys so hopefully that helps any carbohydrate is generally going to help you during exercise, especially if you’re doing long exercise. Let’S go to number five we already had. I forget who brought it up. I think it was Wendy, maybe drink water, drink water, drink lots of water, just be careful if you’re someone like Carlos who’s driving a lot Debra had a solution for that. I will leave it at that see. This is the great thing I get. People like Debra to give those tough to answer questions with those real-life answers and solutions number six, now we’re getting a little bit away from the the food side, but this is super important, so the number six tip that I have for healthy nutrition is plan ahead. Now I am one of the laziest guys in the world when it comes to eating. I just said: I’m being honest, you know I’m so lazy. I will buy stuff pre done if I have to so. I have found back to the egg cooker things that I can do really quickly, that will last a long time boiling eggs, hard boiling eggs planning ahead having the flu ready to go the grill it’s summer. Now, for many of us you know you’re grilling, outside grill. If you’re a chicken person or a meat person, maybe you’re not, but if you are don’t cook just one, you know if you’re cooking chicken for dinner cook, six, seven, eight chicken, breast and store them so plan ahead. That is such a simple, yet important tip of people in this industry. If it fitness models, things like that people are healthy athletes, they plan ahead because listen if you’re, scrambling and you’re busy and you open up that fridge and you’re hungry you’re gon na grab. What is simple and easy what you want to do, and I’m kind of jumping ahead of myself. You want to plan ahead that way. That is such an important thing, and again I mean, if you have kids, having those easy to grab ready to go healthy options. Is so important and that’s actually number seven, let me just get there so stock, your house with healthy options. Listen. I have a drawer in this house which has the cookies and the fun things you know that’s here. We do that 20 % of the time. You know desserts are fine, but we also have a heck of a lot of healthy options that the kids, my kids and all the other kids who we usually have a full house after school they’re grabbing for it. And I love offering to help the options to other people’s kids too. So, if your kids are over, there, gon na get some healthy options, but they’re also gon na get cookies they’re just gon na get the healthy options. First, what else we have going on Quinn? Anything did I lose her. She may have run to the bathroom. She may be drinking [, Laughter, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], that’s a great fuel Deborah you are so we have such a smart group. That is something. If you do ultramarathons, I mean you always if you study the extremes, we learned so much about ourselves right, which is why I push myself it’s to learn to, hopefully be able to come back and you’ll, learn about the body and all that kind of stuff. So Deborah you’re, absolutely right! If you look at people who do 100-mile, races and more 50 to 100 ultra marathons, that is one of the options that they will have at the tables. So that is a great source of fuel, especially if you’re going longer. But there’s a carbohydrate some salt too. You know, especially if you’re sweating a lot, but that is a great option and I love your pair recommendation to find fruits. You know yeah awesome love it. So is that John Quin yeah great question – and this is where we get too complicated – I would argue – and I have written for all the different magazines – men, Fitness men’s health. You know what’s the best protein and stuff back to the simple solution right. What’S the best type of cardio, the one you will do what’s the best protein now? Yes, there are different absorption rates and things like that, but you just first and foremost make sure you get in enough protein right. That’S all! I truly care about my clients, and you are gon na, see results if you get enough protein in now way. Soy pee so many different kinds of protein and we could go into the science behind it, but I want to. I don’t want to make it complicated for you, because I know your success will come from getting it in consistently. Not what caught and there are so many different kinds out there and I used to buy the expensive and then when I realized that learned more about the sports nutrition. Now I can just look at the label and say you know what I want to save a couple dollars. I don’t need to. You know, spend $ 60 on protein when I can get it for 1995 and it’s exactly the same thing. It just doesn’t have that expensive label on it at the branding, so I’m gon na keep it at that and keep it really simple for you guys. I will throw out the one thing: yes whey protein generally. If you look at bodybuilders and people are really trying to build muscle, they will tend to stick to the org or get in whey protein, but I’m doing the eggs I’m doing the chicken I’m doing the fish. I am doing the protein powders to to supplement, but first and foremost, I’m gon na try to get that protein in an a healthy food based way, and then I’m going to supplement that with the protein powders. But I don’t want to give you a specific brand. I want to give you a specific type. I just want to give you that rule that you need to get it enough protein and the broad round number that I will throw out there. You will read different things if you’re a bodybuilder just doesn’t apply, but generally, if you’re 150 pounds you want to get in about half your body weight in grams of protein per day. Now, if you want to build more muscle, it’s a little different, 60 grams 75. If you break that down, that’s about 10 or 15 grams every meal right. So if you just stick to what I said, what rule was it number for eat, carbs and protein at every meal? If you’re getting in a little protein and every meal, you don’t even have to think about the number, because you know what guys it is really hard to count calories. It is really hard to you know when I wrote my sports nutrition book. They’Ll talk about percentages. You know how do you know unless you plan your day out in advance what percentage you’re gon na get from carbs? In fact, like you, we can’t possibly do that. So there are so many nutrition books that I read and look at you say: how does anyone follow this so keep it simple that thought and that just a way of living home because it works, keep it simple. I hope that that helps.

I saw more go by pretty data group selling Cuisinart. I think it’s 39 bucks. I got it as a gift, Cuisinart eggs, Central! That’S how lazy I am it’s just fun to you, know what it’s just the amount of water you put in dictates, how it cooks the edge. So if you want them hard boil, it’s got this little, you know and we will use it. Maybe that would be we will roll that into next week’s show. So I will give you the healthy options for breakfast and we’ll use that as well. But listen you have a pot of water. You could do it that way too. It’S just kind of fun, and here it’s a great point actually, if you make it fun, so I’m actually more likely now to use that for a while and then I’ll get bored with that and I’ll be on to the next thing. I have had this for a really long time. I always wanted this. It’S it’s expensive. I got it as a gift. I don’t use it half enough, as I should so just back to. We will constantly be getting bored with things and that’s. Okay, that’s why you watch this show, because we’re gon na give you different ways to keep changing. We change, and that is something you have to embrace – that the goal is to keep moving it’s to keep eating healthy and the way you do that will change over time. Again, I just quit the gym after how many years I need a huge change and it was really exciting.

Now it’s forcing me to do something totally different to do my workouts, primarily you know, or not, primarily at home and outside and I’m excited because I needed a huge change and that’s that’s one of the huge tips we’re really working for her on the la mujer Rise and run so she’s going to stick with it. Wendy says: keeping it simple: it comes in a box, it’s probably not the healthiest. Look at those tips seriously just each week if you missed the show, go back and just read these comments, and – and this is what’s so powerful you know the the. I actually think that the gym is going to go away. The gym, as we know, and I think is quote unquote dead right, because why did we go there and I’m not gon na say there will always be gyms and there’s a purpose to them, but working on at home, taking the word exercise out moving healthy options. All of the things that everyone’s bringing up this is living – and this is day-to-day working all of these things in small ways, into your into your into your life, so using the rice color using the the specific egg cooker. All of these different things are tips and tricks that you will use and – and my goal with this show and with everything I do is to help people just change their lives through through fitness and nutrition and just have the best life possible. And that’s why I have a problem with the diet, books and the the bad fitness advice, because people follow it, they actually do the right thing. You you do the diet to a team and it doesn’t work long-term. Of course it doesn’t because it wasn’t meant to the tips and tricks we give and that I would give you every week are the simple solutions.

They may not be the ones that you know are sexy and so crazy books and get you on. You know certain TV shows, but that’s fine, because this is what works and we’re going to give you the solutions, that’s what we do at Bowflex. We not only give you the solutions, we give you the better solutions, we take the walk-in and we make it better. We take the elipse, but we make it better and that’s why I love bringing the show to you and the core we have going now. We have some really smart people who have made changes Deborah and Wendy, and everybody out there. Thank you for sharing all these comments because they are super helpful. I will give you the science and the tips and the experience I have, but I need you guys to to constantly add to this conversation, because that is really really powerful. I really think community going forward with being healthy is everything we need to be connected in a healthy way and help each other out, and that’s what this um. This shows about. I’M gon na be here you’re gon na, be here when you can and and all the feedback and tips you give super helpful. So let me go through one more time. If you joined us later, the seven tips in order eat real food. As I think Wendy said, or someone said, if it comes in a box, it’s probably not healthy. For you, that’s a good tip, that’s a great tip. I think Jack LaLanne said that if man makes it don’t eat it we’re getting better at that, there’s some better options. But if you stick to that mantra, that’s that’s pretty pretty great advice. Number two eat breakfast number: three try to eat every three hours or so so don’t get ravenous. Try to fuel your body like it’s a machine like it needs to be fueled, number four eat carbs and protein together whenever possible. I will constantly hammer that home. It is so effective for me and for all my clients over the years, if you just have carbs in if you just have protein and you don’t like kind of live a lifestyle where you put those together and that’s your thought process. Each and every time you eat, I can’t tell you how how much that will change, not only how you look, how you feel everything number five drink: lots of water number six plan ahead plan ahead plan ahead, whenever possible, cook up a bunch of healthy things. You know whenever you’re making the eggs making the breakfast you know just make a lot of it and store it.


Put it aside. That’S super helpful, especially if you’re busy you have a bunch of kids, you’re working all of those things and then seven. It ties in number six stop your house with lots of healthy options, lots of healthy options. You know you’re, not always gon na want to grab for that Apple or the pear. So when you’re opening that fridge and you’re staring at it, you need three four five options that you can go. Okay, I really don’t feel like carrots or celery right now, but I have x2 to grab as well. So those seven tips that promise you, if you apply them consistently, that is some of the best advice to living a healthy life long-term, not a short-term fix and give you all those short-term fixes, you’ll feel horrible. You’Ll lose weight quickly and you’ll rebound. It’S not the way to go. We will preach here, anything neuquén. Okay, Thank You dawn, such a great question. I probably talk about it at least a couple times a week. There is hard science behind this. Okay, we were meant to move. We were meant to move forward, we were meant to run okay, they have done longitudinal studies, which means they have looked back at many many studies over many many years, and you know what they found – that runners actually have less incidents of osteoarthritis than do non runners. Okay, so runners actually have less arthritis and the reason for that there’s several, but one of the primary reasons – and this is really interesting – is that runners generally weigh less right. So one of the toughest things on our bodies is to carry around excess weight 24 hours. A day, if you run three times a week or jog the Adhan, I think it was for 30 minutes. That’S in ninety minutes over the course of over a hundred hours. That’S okay! That’S not only okay! It’S good and there’s so many things that come from that. So the shorter that is, that is one of the top myths. I’Ve written about innumerable we’ll, never go away, but running is not bad for us now.

If you have an injury, you have to be careful right, so people will say to me all the time. I can’t run because I have bad knees. I have a bad back. What that says to me is something needs to be fixed, so I’ve talked about this before when I was a trainer, I would take clients out for a short run and they would say to me experts it’s my back. It’S my knees, and that would illuminate to me what we needed to work on where were their strength, imbalances where were their flexibility of balance, so the short of it is absolutely not. We were walking or jogging we’re moving. You need to do it slowly. You need to do it progressively, but we were born to run Daniel Lieberman. One of the greatest friendships I have made is the professor from Harvard who is the preeminent guy, who talks about how we were born to run. Is that all the books he’s a Harvard? Professor he’s a runner, he runs barefoot. He is not your typical runner. If you saw him you’d be surprised, he just doesn’t have the look of the like. I don’t have the look of a runner, I would say you know the skinny ear. You know tall runner type and he has done incredible research and and will do a whole, show on that, because that is a myth that that just won’t go away, but no, we were born to run. You just have to do it smart intelligently and over time. It can be one of the greatest forms of exercise for you, but you can still walk. You can still jog to do all that stuff. Great questions. Thank you for that, and these questions will come up each and every week. There are no dumb questions because there is so much misinformation out there. That is what this show is about any other great questions like that coin. That was awesome. Maybe so she has no excuses. She always has 15 minutes. Wendy has a great test for when shopping. For your groceries, the time to start with the produce, aisles and then shop so shop, the perimeter meet the dairy, the crime scene and then visit the middle aisle before they typically keep all the chips and broken through the healthy stuff. That’S a great fit for her developer basket before she gets to the unhealthy stuff and then Ray’s got a great question. What’S your opinion on the keto diet, can you truly perform on the yellows like that yeah and what was the final thing? Can you truly perform? Yeah yeah jury’s out on that. Let me start with that, so I’m not sold on that there’s a lot of weird stuff with the ketogenic and you know what we’ll go into that in another show, because that’s becoming more and more popular, I think it’ll go away! I’M always looking at the science, though, and I don’t ever want to poopoo, which is why I keep bringing up. There are endurance athletes who are going away from carbs and trying to go high fat, I’m not there yet. So anything that has the word diet after it unless it’s Mediterranean before it, I don’t like Mediterranean diet – is everything we talk about healthy forms of carbohydrates, lean sources of protein, healthy fats, so I’m still a big believer. Carbohydrates preferred bodies, energy source protein to build muscle, healthy fats for other bodily functions. Yeah, I’m not. I don’t think we’re gon na reinvent the wheel, you guys with diet. I just think it’s it’s a way for people to sell books and and everything we’ve talked about on all the tips. What Wendy, I think just gave, that is one of the smartest tips for shopping. The good stuff is on the perimeter right everything we just. We talk about when we talk about eating healthy proteins, lean sources, I’m sorry lean sources of protein, healthy carbs, those are on the perimeter when you start to get interior in the supermarkets. That’S your processed foods! So, thank you when it like just great follow these simple tips. I promise you. There was one more the the 60 minute, the 30 minute. Workout sure, that’s, okay! You want to do that. That’S fine, but that is going to go away because we’re going to be talking about movement, we’re going to be talking about fitting in shorter workouts throughout the day 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there at night. Now I’m doing my core exercises right in front of the TV I’m watching hockey, I’m doing some planks, some crunches, then I get you know stretching in in my office. So this is the way of the future. You guys we brought you a 14 minute workout, because the number one reason for not exercising is time and we’re here to tell you I’m here to tell you 60 minutes. There is nothing magical about that and what happens? Is people end up not doing anything because they don’t have 60 minutes? Science shows three ten-minute bouts of exercises exactly the same benefit as one thirty. Most people are gon na. Do one thirty minute much less one, sixty minute so Desiree saying you have time for 15 minutes exactly I’m looking! My home gym is right. There it’s down the stairs, instead of taking the time to go to the gym. I have quit the gym. I’M now gon na do everything we preach to you and I’m gon na start doing it all at home too and outside so Desiree’s. Absolutely right. That’S the way, the future, but just put this to you real quickly to – and this is the craziness of the shows – I’m gon na – go off on tangents when I wrote my book beat the gym and I owned a gym for a short amount of time, which Always said I would never do the model of a gym is to have people sign up and then go away. Okay and never that was that’s, always been the way this it’s not the way. I wanted to own a gym and that’s why one of the reasons I don’t now with ten dollar gyms, it’s called the HP LV model high high-volume HVLP, I should say low price high-volume. There are some gyms that have 10,000 members or more so they are banking. On the fact that people pay and don’t show up, if tempers the people, the members of those gyms, showed up at the same time, there’d be complete and utter chaos, you wouldn’t even be able to fit in the door. So, if my point is those places are not designed for you to get results, they are designed to have you pay a certain amount and not feel guilty about not coming so. This is why we’re giving you the options for the home. This is why the future is the home. I could not own a gym and want to have 10,000 members and then hope to god that they didn’t show up. I actually want people to have results and we want you to have results and that’s why the 14 minute workout and all of these things we’re talking about is what will work for you. So I get excited I get excited for you guys. I love bringing you these tips and tricks every week we’re coming up to the end of the show. I might have to do the little little protein thang soon shake but you’re. Absolutely right and that’s what’s so fun you guys are helping each other out with all these tips that you guys have that what works for you! But if you have a home, you have a home gym, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but that is the message that we’ve been sold. You’Ve been sold for so long. Anything Quinn before I make my different great question different different different we’re going to give you different options. You get a different effect, so I personally do both and I think you should too right. So the HVT, if you guys don’t know it, just released it truly revolutionary piece of equipment back to one of you guys to get. If you say, oh, my gosh, I don’t have time to separate my cardio from my strength training. Well, we put it together. So this is high velocity training, so it is strength, training with movement, you’re gon na up your your your calorie burn you’re, going to raise your heart rate. While you do string moves but see I’m not someone who’s ever gon na say you know, you still want to do free weights. So I have my SelectTech and I’m going to use the HVT. Now money is an option for many people. So if you said, I only have one I just want to do. One thing: that’s what the HVT is for. That’S where somebody says I’m not going to get cardio, I’m not going to get separate strength. Give me one thing and that’s what that is for so that is another solution. It is not the be-all end-all, in other words, well, it is good, say if you’re only going to do one thing we need to do cardio. We need to do strength, so that is what the hbt is for, but different effects. I don’t want to get too much into the science but freedom free. I ate free weights, we’ll do a little bit different, we’ll be a little different in the muscle building category, but they’re both great options. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing all right real quickly. We’Re gonna show you what I’m going to show you. So if you’re busy again real food is the way to go, but I’m gon na supplement. My protein intake with protein shakes is what I love now is my son Rolland making his own protein shakes. So I’m a late-in-life lactose intolerant person, which I didn’t find out for a long time which made Iron Man’s and things really interesting. So I use almond, oh, but you can use water. You can use whatever you want. So keep it really simple. Whatever your liquid is. That’S up to you, I like on the milk that makes it taste good for me, so I could get away with just doing. The most basic thing I can do is water and protein. I can do that in a shake bottle, but if I’m at home – and I am you know – making it as healthy as possible, this is what I’m gonna do so. You’Ve got your almond milk, then, for consistency and for a good, healthy carb banana banana will give it like that little will make it a little thicker and that’s what I love and then excuse me one second, I love the frozen fruit right. The science frozen is just as healthy as fresh because of the way they freeze it and I buy obviously huge bags right. Blueberries are so healthy for us. I have mixed fruit as well, but having the frozen fruit is also going to give it a certain consistency. So, for me, almond milk paint, but Nana throws it through and then it’s just for well, I got to put the protein in you’re getting protein in the milk. Again, I’m not going to give you specific brands. That’S up to you so protein powder, whatever one you like, and then here’s the real interesting thing and omega-3 fat, so our healthy fats we talked about. I just do a little bit. So just a couple ingredients, you guys, you got your base, your water or your milk. Your on the milk, your whole milk, whatever you want you’ve got your protein powder. You’Ve got your fruit, I do frozen fruit plus a banana and then your omega-3 fats. You can throw chia seeds in there. You can do whatever you want. We try to make this not too bad, [, Music, ]. That’S it you guys! So look at the color on that. What could help? I mean that is just awesome. So if you want your doing the five to six medium-sized meals a day, let me give you the kit quick tip, so I will do my healthy breakfast. I will then, if I’m busy in my office, I will do a protein shake. Then I will do a healthy lunch salad with some protein. I may do another protein shake. If I’m super busy. If I’m still at the office, then I’m gon na do a healthy dinner. There are five meals utilizing protein shakes. My kids they’ll come home from school. Every now and again, sometimes they’ll grab the real fruit. Sometimes they’ll make their own protein shake. There are so many options for that, but there are your five basic ingredients. You want your liquid. Is it water? Is it milk? Is it almond milk? You want your protein powder totally up to you pea protein whey protein soy protein. I don’t care, I throw fresh fruit in that’s your healthy carb right. I throw a banana in and some frozen fruit, and then I do the healthy fat. So you can do this. Let me grab one more thing: you guys, you can also do chia seeds right, super healthy, great source of fat, how’s that for my first cooking I call that cooking by the way that to me, if I prepare something in my kitchen, that is cooking, are they Just impressed Quinn, that’s right! I need to garnish it and do those those special little flourishes at the end right, but what else [ Music ] Wow – that was John, such a great question yeah, and that John. That is awesome, because that is one of the most misunderstood things about fruit. I tell the story. Had a woman who said to me, you know bananas were bad for you and I said why then she said they make you fat, the sugar guys. This is where we are so kind of confused about nutrition. Yeah, absolutely there’s sugar in there and there’s fruit sugar right. We go Homer, that’s bad high fructose, you know, sugars and things like that. We hear all the time there are so many nutrients. If we’re going to get sugar from somewhere get it from fruit, you guys, because what you’re getting in addition to that is nutrients and vitamins and minerals that you really can’t get anywhere else it to to science you with it. But but it’s such a great question. John, it’s so misunderstood. There are so many people that stay away from fruit. For that very reason, the sugar content high in sugar, if you’re gon na get again I’ll, say it one more time if you’re gon na get your sugar from anywhere. Why would that not be it right? That’S the way I look at it. I don’t put sugar on anything. You know, I’m not throwing sugar at my coffee. This is where I’m getting my sugar from natural source of sugar and again what you get with that. If you don’t eat the fruit because of the sugar you’re missing out on these, I would say such vital nutrients that I think are our disease preventative. In many cases you just want to eat these foods. So absolutely John. That is one of the top questions when it comes to fruit, but again, I’m gon na say if you’re gon na get your sugar get it from fruit and what you get in addition to that, the fiber, the vitamins, the minerals. It is nature’s perfect food. So awesome question, but try to do it again with the real whole carbohydrates, with with berries with the apples things like that, any final questions, Quinn – these are great. You guys, oh just amazing comments and questions. Wait till wait tonight. Actually so I think next week, what I’m gon na do my you’ll be very impressed with trying to cook eggs and stuff. I think this is the way the future cooking shows that people who know what they’re doing right and that’s that’s. Okay, but you’re gon na see someone who’s a little pressed for time eats healthy and how I do it, I think that’ll be very entertaining so yes and I’m actually salivating to treat this right now, and I think you get to that point with the healthy foods And everything you guys is that you will train your body to crave the good stuff and, and one thing that was so rewarding for me, is you know I would do this occasionally in front of the kids and over time they started to ask for tastes. Then they started to make it on their own and that’s what’s so rewarding for me and – and you know, I hope that you guys take the tips that I gave you that you gave each other and start to apply those and then come back and say you Know I took Deborah’s tip or I took Candace’s tip and that’s working for me because that’s what this hours about is it’s just giving you as much information as possible and finding what works for you so yeah. Keep it simple. This right here has so much good stuff in it. It’S gon na satisfy me. It’S gon na be one of those five to six meals. I take, and actually let me end with someone brought up that they didn’t eat enough and that’s so common. When I tell somebody five to six meals a day, they will say it’s too much. Food and they’ll say I’m just gon na have an apple which is okay as one of those meals, but I would say, push yourself eat more than an apple again. Have a protein with it, we tend to not eat enough, and then we overeat. So when you start to train your body, and it’s just that. You need to train your body both in the habit of doing and just your stomach to eat three four hundred calories. Whatever it is, five to six times a day, eat medium sized meals, not small right so back to a carb and a protein, so not just a car. It’S gon na make you satisfy it’s gon na. Have your body perform that much better? Your grain perform that much better, and that is just one of the ways to change your eating habits that I promise you will really make a difference. So don’t start yourself, give yourself permission to eat and let me give you one final tip we’re coming up. Last couple minutes try to sit down and eat. We don’t do that anymore. We eat in our car we eat while we’re walking we eat everywhere and anywhere, except sitting down for breakfast sitting down with your family sitting down at lunch. So when you break it down and say you know, I’m eating five to six medium sized meals a day. I’M gon na have breakfast awesome. I’M gon na have this protein shake at my desk perfect, but try to get away from the mindless eating in front of the TV. Oh, my gosh, you can just take in thousands of calories and not even know it. So when you do the five to six medium-sized meals a day, you’re generally not going to sit on the couch and be ravenous at eight o’clock at night, the vast majority people take in myself included years ago the vast majority of their calories at night, because they

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